martes, 16 de agosto de 2022



On May 14th the Catalan regional Parliament elected Mr Torra President of the autonomous Government (Generalitat). He is a Catalan separatist leader known for his racist and xenophobic ideas. Torra has defined Spain as a “country exporter of misery both on a material and a spiritual level”. Catalan citizens who also speak in Spanish (the vast majority of them) he defines as beasts: “you look upon your country and see the beasts speaking again. But they are different. They are scavengers, vipers, hyenas. Beasts still in human shapes oozing hate”. He does the same with Catalan socialists: “crossbreeding with the Spanish socialists was on the rise, to the point where the own native DNA morphed”. Torra says about non-nationalist Catalans: “it’s an unhealthy phobia. There is something Freudian about those beasts. Or a small bump in their DNA chain. Poor them”.

Since the 1930s and the terrible war in Yugoslavia with its genocide-like “ethnic cleansing”, no national or regional European leader has used such a racist rhetoric filled with hatred towards others as clearly as Quim Torra. It seems to be Mr Torra’s intention to form a regional government with a double aim: to force a confrontation with Spain by overturning the Constitution in Catalonia (as he said he would in his acceptance speech) and re-declaring the independence of said region to kickstart his racist, xenophobic and supremacist programe, which would strip both non-nationalist Catalans and other Spaniards living in Catalonia (more than half the population) of their civil and political rights.

Were Mr Torra’s programe to successfully move forward, the Catalan society would be fully split in half, exponentially increasing the risk of violence, until now avoided thanks to Catalan civil society and the State Institutions. A new declaration of independence couldn’t but end in a direct clash with the Institutions overseeing the respect of the Constitution throughout Spain. Such a scenario would mean the escalation of internal tensions to an insufferable limit and pose a direct threat to the European Union as a whole.

Neither Spain nor the EU nor democrats from any country can sit on the fence when facing the real danger of civil confrontation and the overthrowing of democracy that would derive from Quim Torra’s and Catalan separatism’s racist government programe.

We the undersigned state:

1 Our absolute rejection of the repulsive and dangerous racist and xenophobic ideology of Mr Torra, regional President of Catalonia.

2 Our active solidarity with Catalan civil society in this darkest hour and our support to the upholding of Spain’s democracy and integrity through every legal mean possible.

3 Our request to all the Institutions and Member States of the European Union not to tolerate through action or omission the risk of violent rupture that Mr Torra’s programe represents.



Adán Fernández Veiguela, Adolfo Villalba, Agustín Vaquero Gallego, Alberto G. Ibáñez, Alberto González Troyano, Alexandra López-Liz Corbella, Alfonso Solá Navas, Alfonso Sopeña Ortega,  Alfonso Valero, Alfredo Rodríguez Pérez, Amable Liñán Martínez, Ana de Dios Castaño, Ana Hernández Rodríguez, Anselmo Avendaño Rodríguez, Andrés Herzog, Andrés Trapiello, Antonio Hermosa Andújar, Antonio Jiménez Blanco, Antonio Rodríguez, Antonio Roig Ribé, Aránzazu de Irala, Aurora Pimentel Igea, Beatriz Jiménez Gómez, Begoña Ortiz Fuentes, Berta Romero Tejero, Carlos Martínez Gorriarán, Carmen González Enríquez, Carmen Leal Adán, Carmina Madrigal Torrejón, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, César Morante Álvarez, César Nebot Monferrer, Cristina Muñoz Montes, David Hernández Andrés, Dolores Agenjo Reuero, Eduardo Gómez, Elvira García Piñeiro, Emilio Martín Carrasco, Enrique Menor, Esperanza Fernández Acedo, Estíbaliz Ochoa Mendoza, Félix de Azúa, Fernando Cózar, Fernando Savater, Francisco Abengózar López, Francisco Pimentel Igea, Gabriel Reig Lloréns, Germán Castillo Gómez, Gonzalo Blanco Villa, Gregorio Rello Cortés, Inés Villanueva Calleja, Iván Maldonado Requena, Iván Vélez Cipriano, Jaime María de Berenguer de Santiago, Javier Anso, Javier Gabilondo, Javier Madrid Labarta, Javier Mina, Javier Ordóñez, Jesús Manuel López Zapatero, Jordi Cantallops, Jorge Sánchez de Castro Calderón, Jorge Valencia Ilarregui, José Antonio Zorrilla, José Clemente Polo Andrés, José J. Jiménez Sánchez, José Luis Cancho Beltrán, José Luis Castrillón, José Luis Vergara Blanco, José Miguel Embid Irujo, José V. Rodríguez Mora, Juan Luis Fabo, Juana Rodríguez Sanz, Julio Carabaña, Julio Lleonart, Lorenzo Semprún de Castellane, Luis Méndiz, Manuel Hernández Iglesias, Margarita Ayensa Dean, María Antonia Domenech Coy, María Jesús Gurpegui Ruiz, María Teresa Echenique Elizondo, Marián Reig Lloréns, Marita Rodríguez Hidalgo, Martín de la Herrán, Miriam Moreno Aguirre, Natalia Prieto Risco, Pablo Barrios Almanzor, Paloma Losada Liniers, Pau Guix Pérez, Pedro Gómez Carrizo, Pedro Pérez Torres, Pedro Tejedo Aznar, Pepa Labrador Barrafón, Rafael Reig Lloréns, Rafael Sánchez Díaz, Ramiro Cibrián, Ramón Marcos, Ramón Rodríguez García, Ramón de Veciana Batlle, Raúl Guerra Garrido, Ricardo Rubio Hernández, Rocío Santos, Rogelio Alonso, Rosa Díez, Samuel Tejado Aguado, Sinforoso Alcalá, Susana de la Cuesta González, Yolanda Sánchez-Moya y Yuri Sasson.